IMG_0511-03Jennifer Hodge Barna

Jennifer Hodge Barna lives in the heritage village of Paisley, Ontario, Canada, in the heart of scenic Bruce County. This self-taught artist has a strong love for acrylic painting, and uses a realistic style to capture the beauty of local landscapes, wildlife and people.

More recently, Jennifer has embraced the digital canvas allowing her creative intuition to shine by approaching her photography with an artist’s eye and capturing the simple beauty found outside her door in thought-provoking compositions.

Jennifer has created a unique style of photo design called Quilt-ographs©. These one-of-a-kind creations have evolved through her personal sense of heritage and tradition and inspiration fuelled by the Village of Paisley. Using material as a background, her hand-cut photographs are mounted into quilt patterns and framed as beautiful wall art. Admirers of all kinds find them captivating & enchanting.

In 2010, Jennifer opened a studio in her home where she maintains a gallery and gift shop as well as a growing library of photographs suitable for advertising or personal and commercial decor. 

All requests & commissions are welcome.

She shares her home in Paisley with her partner in life, Roger, cat Lily, dog Holly, eight guitars and a Celtic harp. Also musicians, Jennifer and Roger meet their clients’ musical needs with their harp and guitar duo available for any occasion you may have. Jennifer welcomes you to enquire about these services as well.

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